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We did it! Update on the St. Peter's-Belvedere round-about.

Some great news to celebrate this Bike Week - thanks to you, our voices have been heard and an active transportation lane will be added to the round-about at St. Peter's-Belvedere! 🥳

Following the support demonstrated by city council at its monthly meeting on Monday, our meeting today with city staff was incredibly positive and productive. We're thrilled that the council and staff of the City of Charlottetown recognize the importance of making our intersections accessible for all users, and was willing to get creative to find a solution for this limited-space design, with virtually no change to the cost of the project and no delay to the construction date! We call this a win-win for everyone!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write your councillors on this important issue, and to the BFC Hub team for your dedicated work on this over the past few weeks. When we come together as a community, incredible things happen!

You can read the full joint press release with complete details of the changes to the design right here:

Joint Press Release - BFC and City of Charlottetown re: St
. Peter's-Belvedere Round-about


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