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Tooling Up!

Bike Friendly Communities recently added bicycle toolkits to the Library of Things in Charlottetown. These kits are filled with a variety of tools so that bikers can fix and maintain their bikes.

The toolkits were celebrated with an event at the Charlottetown Library Learning Centre. After a brief presentation about BFC, local bike enthusiast, Geoff Murray demonstrated how to use many of the tools. Murray, (also known as PEI Bike Guy) engaged the attendees with his knowledge of cycling maintenance and repairs.

Along with the demos, BFC HUB member Isaac Williams was on hand to speak to people about cycling infrastructure and how to best navigate some of Charlottetown's trickier intersections and roads. There were door prizes awarded, and a raffle was held to raise money for BFC.

The toolkit project was made possible by City of Charlottetown Micro Grant.


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