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Our Story

Bike Friendly Communities is an independent, non-profit co-operative working to transform PEI communities through accessible, interconnected active transportation infrastructure. We believe that all people should feel safe and empowered to choose cycling as a primary mode of transportation. 

BFC’s inception was inspired by the work of local cycling advocate, the late Josh Underhay. Josh had a vision for an interconnected cycling network, not just in Charlottetown, but reaching out into the suburbs and neighbouring municipalities across PEI. This network would be built to accommodate all cyclists and would-be cyclists, including families with children, older persons, immigrants, students, low-income families, those with disabilities, and members of other disadvantaged communities. Josh believed that if we built safe and accessible infrastructure along strategic routes, with each pathway connecting to the next, we would see a significant increase in ridership resulting in benefits to our physical and mental health, our impact on the environment, and our economy. We believe this, too - and significant bodies of research from cycling cities around the world backs this up! In 2019, BFC was founded, mobilizing around Josh’s vision with the goal of seeing it become a reality. 

We envision comprehensive active transportation networks (not just paint!) that make it safe and accessible for all people to choose cycling — not just for sports and recreation, but for making purposeful trips as part of their daily lives. Choosing cycling means participating in a convenient, healthy, and zero emissions transportation option. Our work will transform communities across the Island to make it possible for all Islanders to safely choose cycling, whether commuting to work or school, running errands, or visiting friends and family. 

"An analogy for constructing a network is like an electrical grid. A stretch that is disconnected from other stretches, and requires riders to go out into traffic, loses that advantage for those timid riders. It’s like a stretch of power lines that are neither connected to the power plant nor to neighbourhoods. A network must be interconnected in order to be called a network."

-Josh Underhay

Our Values

“Friendly” is in our name for a reason. We are an inclusive organization and we welcome all people and perspectives. We believe that people of all skill levels, abilities, and backgrounds have the right to access safe and affordable mobility options in their communities.

We approach our work in a spirit of optimism, hopefulness and positivity. We always aim to build good, authentic relations, through open, intentional, consensus-based discussion. 

We believe in the power of collaboration and actively seek opportunities to partner with key decision makers and community groups.

And we use all these super-powers to get things done, together!
We are leaders working to transform our communities into more connected and sustainable places for everyone.

We are bike enthusiasts and believe in the power of cycling to create community, enrich our lives and to support our individual and collective health, both physical and mental.


Our Team

BFC is powered by our Board of Directors and a central team of volunteers known as The Hub. Our team members bring a wide range of experience and expertise including network planning and design, public engagement, community organizing, strategic planning, project management, social media and website development, communications, professional videography and audio-visual services, educational resource development, geographic information systems (GIS) mapping, computer programming, instructional and curriculum design, bike maintenance and repair, and finances. We are united by our love of bikes and our commitment to improving our communities.   

The BFC Hub Team: 

Karri Shea, President

Scott Brown, Vice President 

Carlos Consejo, Secretary 

Greg Burrell, Treasurer

Mitch Underhay, Executive Director 

Stephanie Freire, Founding Member 

Kate Shaw, Founding Member 

Isaac Williams, Founding Member 

Peter Rukivina, Founding Member

Anna Keenan, Founding Member

As a non-profit community group, we rely on community members as volunteers to help with events, advocacy, and other initiatives on an ongoing basis. 


Want to get involved with BFC? We're always looking for volunteers!

Special Thanks
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