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HopOn is a games-based cycling program that teaches school-aged kids across Canada the joys of cycling safely and skillfully.

We are pleased to work with Cycling PEI to help deliver HopOn in PEI as a national grassroots program that aims to make cycling accessible to everyone across Canada.

The program is overseen by Cycling Canada and delivered on PEI by Cycling PEI with partners such as Bike Friendly Communities.

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How It Works

HopOn is to cycling kind of like swimming lessons are to swimming!

The program is designed for kids with a minimum ability of being able to cycle for 60 pedal strokes without stopping.

Through HopOn’s games-based curriculum, kids will progress to being:

  • Able to stop'n go without foot taps;

  • Confident riding small ramps & bridges;

  • Ready for 60 minutes of cycling exercise;

  • Well-versed in cycling safety.


Our NCCP-certified HopOn Instructors deliver HopOn in community settings to kids aged 6-16.

How HopOn works


HopOn Instructors are members of our communities who have a passion for teaching kids new skills for active living and safe cycling. 
Each instructor receives 20 hours of online and in-person training, and is vetted in accordance with Cycling PEI's Safe Sport policy.

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