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Communities in Motion

Lights, camera, action! Bike Friendly Communities premiered a series of short videos focused on biking safely at the Stratford Town Hall on April 20.

Produced in collaboration with the PEI government’s Active Transportation fund, the short videos highlight ways to navigate roundabouts, commuting to work, finding safe routes, and other important cycling strategies.

While connecting with cyclists at community events, the BFC team noticed that many expressed concerns about biking safely, especially in traffic.

“Safe and separated infrastructure is only one part of the puzzle when it comes to building bike friendly communities—building knowledge around the practical aspects of cycling is just as important,” said President of Bike Friendly Communities Karri Shea. “With these videos, we really wanted to focus on local aspects of bike riding (like navigating roundabouts and breaking down the new rules around e-bikes) that are truly relevant and useful to PEI residents.”

Filmed in PEI locations, producer Alexandra MacDonald, cinematographer Charles Jannasch, and production assistant Isaac Williams crafted the videos with local participants after a casting call to the community.

“As warmer weather arrives, more people will be turning to active transportation because it offers an affordable and healthy way to explore Prince Edward Island,” said Environment, Energy and Climate Action Minister Steven Myers. “Government continues to invest in active transportation projects while offering bike rebates to support active living and reduce the number of vehicles on our roads. Our goal is to lower our transportation emissions and become Canada’s first Net Zero province.” 

Since 2020, the Government of Prince Edward Island has invested in more than 100 active transportation projects including:

  • 112 bike racks for schools and public buildings 

  • 100 km of paved shoulders on roads and highways 

  • 35 km of active transportation pathways.

“PEI’s Active Transportation Fund is leading to new and improved trails, paved shoulders and public education programs,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Ernie Hudson. “Safety is always our top priority. We are pleased to work with municipalities and non-profit associations like Bike Friendly Communities to encourage cyclists, drivers, and pedestrians to follow the rules of the road to keep Islanders and visitors safe.”

“Ultimately, our goal is to help everyone feel capable and empowered to choose active transportation to get where they need to go,” said Shea. “Being able to access the Active Transportation Fund to produce these videos goes along with supporting the creation of a bike-friendly culture here in PEI, and we’re excited to premiere them.”

The videos are now available for viewing on BFC's website-simply click HERE to take a look!


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