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Come Work with BFC

We have recently been awarded a grant to support the BFC’s development as a nonprofit organization. More details of the overall project will be announced soon, but to get the work started, we are seeking expressions of interest, this week for a short-term contract role (October to December) to support development of our long-term governance structure. If you have experience in non-profit governance (or if you know someone who does) please check-out (or share) the Role Description below.

If you are interested in being awarded this contract, please email by the end of Friday September 29 with your CV and a one-page letter that describes your motivation for the work, and your experience in the governance of nonprofit & volunteer-based organizations.

Governance-Structure Development Contractor (Oct-Dec 2023)

BFC PEI is looking to hire a temporary contractor who has governance and/or HR experience in the non-profit sector. This is a half-time (20 hour per week) contract, for 3 months, roughly October-December 2023, or ending in January if the contractor wishes to take a year-end break.

Contract Goal & Deliverables

Defining the desired organizational structure for BFC PEI, in a report containing recommendations for:

  • organizational structure

  • ToRs for working groups, and,

  • key individual role descriptions for both staff and volunteers within those structures.

Expected Activities

While the following is a suggestion or expectation of the types of activities involved in completing the work, the contractor may choose alternative approaches to complete the deliverables.

  • Internal research - interviews with current and past core volunteers and staff. (~40hrs)

  • External research - meeting with and examining the structures of other nonprofits whose structures we consider similar to our desired mature state. (~40hrs)

  • 1st draft of a recommended organizational structure & roles, and present to core stakeholders (~60hrs)

  • 2 rounds of feedback and drafting to bring to finalization and approval by ‘the Hub’, our main strategic oversight body. (~60hrs x2 rounds = ~120hrs)


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